Is there a way to make hydrogen without using water?



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    Yes. Hydrogen can be produced using biomass and certain natural gasses. Since hydrogen does not exist as its own entity, it must be split from other molecules. Water, however is the most efficient and available substance from which hydrogen is gathered.

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    I’m going to say yes, but not for the natural gas sourced hydrogen.  True, hydrogen can be isolated from biomass and natural gases, but this process requires heating steam (water in its gas form) to temperatures ranging from 700 to 1000 degrees celsius and then injecting this into the chamber containing the gas in order to separate the hydrogen molecules from the carbon molecules in the gas.    Hydrogen can be taken from water, but most often this evolves electrolysis, and the energy used in the electrolysis outweighs the energy one would get from the resulting hydrogen, so this method’s not very efficient.  

         Hydrogen is being produced by using hydrocarbon eating bacteria who produce hydrogen and carbon dioxide as waste products.  While one could argue that bacteria being life needs water to live, the use of water in the process in not direct.  I wouldn’t say this is very efficient right now either, in that it also relies on hydrocarbons .

    Hydrogen can also be isolated in a lab by combining hydrochloric acid and zinc, but this also is not an efficient means of producing hydrogen on an industrial scale.

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