Is there a way to make a greenhouse out of recycled materials?



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    Yes, although some materials are better fitted to simultaneously insulate and allow light presence. But most opaque materials of adequate thickness and toughness will serve the same purpose. The roof can be solid provided that walls allow enough light for all plants. The structure of the greenhouse can be built with recycled wood. 

    It may be difficult to find enough recycled material of the same type to build a greenhouse. Scrapping from construction waste or a dismantled greenhouse may be your best bet. 

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    I’ve heard used windows and storm doors make an excellent building material for greenhouses.  The hardest part is figuring out how to fit them all together (since what your likely to end up with is windows and doors of many shapes and sizes), so get your materials together first before you start designing.

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    One of the most interesting ways I have seen is to stack and thread plastic 2 liter bottles together.  These long bottle columns are attached to a wooden frame.  The plastic bottles retain a lot of heat from the sun and insulate well against the cold.  

    *see link below

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