Is there a way to make fossil fuels good for the environment?



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    yes fossil fuels can be make good for the environment , either by reducing the emission content gases or utilising such a technology which will utilised the emissions in the operating device itself.

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    While there are ways to make fossil fuels better than they are for the environment, there’s really no way to make them good for it.  Fossil fuels, which include coal, natural gas, and oil, are all formed form the decomposition of burried dead organisms.  This means that they all contain relatively large amounts of carbon (the building of life), and thus the burning of fossil fuels contributes hugely to the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

    Another problem with fossil fuels is that they are only found deep below the Earth’s surface, which means that in order to obtain them, we must mine or drill for them.  The methods by which fossil fuels are extracted from below the surface (either on land or under water) are extremely invasive and disruptive to local ecosystems.

    For these reasons, it is unlikely that the use of fossil fuels will ever be seen as a good thing for the environment.

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