is there a way to make energy free for the public?

providing use of ways to transfer energy given off from nature via solar panels wind farms etc and convert that energy into FREE energy to be dispersed to the ENTIRE public?? Im aware of the fact that solar panels and wind farms exist but are their companies like CITI Energy that are completely GREEN that provide services to the public?



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    Economically speaking I don’t think we will ever have completely free energy. The production of energy will always cost somebody something, and even if we switch to a model of largely renewable energy resources that generate electricity on-site–for example, solar panels on our roofs that power our houses or businesses–that infrastructure will cost at least some money to install. From that standpoint I don’t think free energy is realistic, though you can certainly imagine circumstances in which its cost could be negligible. In the distant future much of our power may come from nuclear fusion reactors which are clean and renewable, unlike our fission reactors of today. A fusion plant could provide virtually unlimited energy from a freely available renewable source, such as hydrogen atoms, but it will still be costly to build. I could see an economic model in which some other entity–the state, maybe, or a consortium of power companies–assumes the cost of generating power and passes it on to users free of charge. I’m not sure how realistic “energy Communism” is in countries like ours with market-based economic and political systems, but it is at least conceivable. Perhaps in the future energy will be considered a basic human right like food, shelter and clothing, and society will endeavor to provide it free to the public. But somebody somewhere is going to have to assume the costs of generating power, even if they are negligible. Chances are that cost will ultimately be passed on to consumers in some way, even indirectly, which is probably fair and almost certainly unavoidable.

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