Is there a way to make a digital copy of my old film negatives?



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    You can ask your local print shop or camera specialty store to scan your negatives for you.  The process can get quite expensive if you have a hefty number of photographs.  An alternative is buying a photo negative scanner, like the one cited.

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    There are now printer/copier/scanners that have a nifty insert so that they can scan slides.  It is a do-it-yourself, at home project, and the quality is great!  I have a Canon model that I love, but there are several other brands to choose from.

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    It depends on how many negatives you want to scan. If you just have a couple of rolls of film you want to have a digital copy of I would recommend taking them into your local camera store or even drugstore. If you are planning on putting your family’s entire photo album’s worth of negatives online, I would suggest purchasing a film scanner. They are not as expensive as one might think and they are a great investment. I just got one and I love it! The scanner is easy to use, complete with film trays for multiple sized film (35mm, 120, 4×5) and even came with a new version of Photoshop Elements so I can correct minor flaws like dust or discoloration. Below is the link to the scanner I bought but there are many like this in any price range.

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