Is there a way to make dairy cows produce more milk?



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    Yes.  Hormone treatments are used to induce ovulation in dairy cattle, which causes them to produce milk. 

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    Many cows are given hormone treatments, which help them to produce more milk. However, the hormones are passed to the milk and then drank by us. Other ways take longer and are not used. They are also expensive. For example, providing the cow with better feed and natural vitamins would increase production.

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    Cows only produce milk when they are pregnant or after having given birth.  It’s not something they just make just because.

    Cows have been forced to make so much extra milk already due to hormones and back to back birthings (extra pregnancies doesn’t cause extra milk production, it’s just that the sooner the cow gets pregnant again, the sooner she can be milked), their milk sacs become painfully engorged and infected, thus requiring use of antibiotics, which also gets into the milk, along with pus and blood.

    The natural lifespan of a cow is supposed to be 25-30 years, however, the dairy industry causes a cow to be used up by the time she is 5, and then she is sold to be made into ground beef.

    We don’t need cows to make even more milk than they already do.  We need for humans to stop drinking milk and find alternatives to dairy products, such as nutmilks (almond, hemp, coconut, hazelnut, etc.), non-dairy ice creams, etc., and start using  those instead.

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