Is there a way to make corn last longer?



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    Corn freezes really well, but to preserve the quality you have to neutralize the enzymes first.  Directions on how to do so are on the website below.

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    If you leave the husk on the corn it will help to keep it from drying out, I like to remove the tassles before this as they just end up getting soggy.  You can keep the corn in your refridgerator to help preserve it as well. If you have too much corn to eat at one time, I recommend boiling it and cutting the kernels off the cob.  You can then package the corn in bags and freeze it until you are ready to use it.  It keeps well for eating as a side, putting in soups or my favorite, bean and corn salsa.

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    “Fresh corn freezes well if placed in heavy-duty freezer bags. To prepare whole ears for freezing, blanch them first for seven to eleven minutes depending upon their size (larger ears take a longer time to blanch than smaller ones). If you just want to freeze the kernels, first blanch the ears for about five minutes and then cut the kernels off the cob at about three-quarters of their depths. Whole corn on the cob will keep for up to one year, while the kernels can be frozen for two to three months.”

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    Locally preserved corn with its husk as it is hung over the fire place makes it store well and longer too. Commercial quantities can be well stored in the silos maintained at the normal temperature. Care should be taken to ensure that the silo is air tight and water proof.

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