Is there a way to make a bakery have less of an effect on the environment?



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    Yes, the main thing a bakery can do is make sure that the supply chain is a green one. The ingredients should come from local providers and hopefully they can be shipped in an environmentally conscious way (at least one day we’ll get this right—now it’s hard to avoid the use of the ubiquitous truck—but one day there will be a better way to transport goods than a car, train, boat or plane, and then it’ll be easier to get things where they need to be without harming the environment). Back to the bakery (can you tell I care about our transportation system’s re-development and “greening”?): You could also install solar equipment and high-efficiency light-bulbs (the 13 watt variety are nice or go with LED’s), maybe they even make a high-efficiency electric oven, or if you really want to get crazy install a rain-collection system and let the water you get be used to flush the toilets in the restrooms! There are so many numerous things you can do… but definitely look to do the quick fixes (like ordering things from local providers whenever possible; and also getting a low-wattage lighting system installed; offer recycling containers and make sure any napkins and cups for drinks like coffee and sodas are recyclable) do this kind of easy stuff first. And then you this generates more business and saves you money you will have more to invest in maybe a more efficient energy system…. Here’s an idea for you: Use concentrated solar power to make the break rise! Imagine how much money and energy would be saved every day if every kiln in the world worked directly off the sun’s rays of energy!

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