Is there a way to limit mass consumerism at Christmas time?



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    Probably not.  I guess there could be increased taxes for the holiday season, or prices could be made so high that people would not want to spend, but I don’t think we will soon see a dip in Christmas consumerism.  If our culture changes to enjoy more hand made gifts, and appreciate time with loved ones more than new clothes and DVDs, then we will begin to see a change.  Or, alternatively, we could just give everyone cash, rather than going through the gift buying/returning cycle, but I think consumerism at Christmas is too imprinted in our society to stop it.

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    I think of this every year.  I think we’d have to start small, and work our way up.  Currently, we’re used to many presents for many people as a society.  But it becomes stressful because most people find the holiday season financially trying.  If we could create a new tradition, where we have less presents (like 1 or 2) on christmas eve and christmas day, there wouldn’t need to be such a surplus of toys and gifts required.  Of course this would effect the state of the economy, since most retail businesses depend on the increase.  As individual families, we would have to implement the new approach and share it with those we know….hoping it gains popularity.

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