Is there a way to keep ticks off of you when you hike?



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    Ticks attach themselves to humans and other animals by waiting in taller grasses or other plants and attaching themselves when a host brushes against them. It is always a good idea to wear long sleeved clothing and avoid walking through tall grasses if you can do so. Make sure you check for ticks after you hike and shower, as this can help remove ticks and prevent lyme disease.

    Bug sprays with DEET can help prevent tick bites if a tick lands on you. DEET confuses sensory information in ticks to prevent bites. Sprays with 20-50% DEET are recommended. Sprays with permethrin will kill ticks, but these sprays should not be applied directly on your skin (best used on top of clothing or camping gear).

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    Wearing the right type of clothing is your best bet to avoid ticks.  Wearing hiking boots that come up above the ankle as well as high socks protects your feet and ankles from ticks that you may come in contact with in tall grasses or piles of leaves. Pants and long sleeved shirts are also recommended.  If it is hot out, just wear clothing made of a very light material.  It is also said that garlic, neem oil, and tea tree oil are all great natural repellents.  

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