Is there a way to keep raccoons from getting into my trash?



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    If the racoons are recent–haven’t yet made a home at your home–then you can usually temporarily or permanently scare them away with loud noises, such as a blasting stereo or a large dog barking, and floodlights can also deter them from coming ad poking around. But, if this doesn’t work, then you may want to consider using electric fencing around the areas that you want the racoons to keep away from, or chicken wire with electric tape around the bottom. Or, you could simply keep the trash in at night, maybe in your garage. Set it out for the garbage collectors early in the morning, such as when you go to work. Never try to chase a racoon away though because racoons usuall aren’t afraid of humas and could attack. They can also harm/kill small to medium sized dogs. Killing a racoon should be your absolute last method, and if you absolutely must resort to that option, be sure to do so in a more humane matter..this does not include traps or poison.

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    can you put a lid over your trash w/ a heavy object to keep it on, like a rock?

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