Is there a way to keep my bananas from going bad so quickly?



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    You may be able to slow the browning of bananas by hanging them on a banana tree (see below). Bananas typically grow old faster when in contact with a surface, but the banana tree keeps them hanging in their natural position. If you want to refrigerate, only put the bananas in the fridge when they reach your preferred level of ripeness-otherwise they will just turn brown sooner. The skin will get darker when in the fridge, but the fruit inside the peel will be fine. Another suggestion is to keep bananas next to an unripe mango, which supposedly absorbs the nitrogen from the banana, keeping it fresh. I haven’t personally tested these methods for their relative effectiveness, though!


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    A popular way to keep banans fresh is by keeping them on a hanging rack in a room no warmer than 75 degrees Farenheit. This keeps the banans from surface ripening, i.e. from ripening more quickly in those areas in contact with a solid surface (this happens because bananas are highly pressure sensitive and as such soften at varying degrees of applied pressure).

    Once the banans are fully ripe, you can also refridgerate them to extend their life by up to four days — the peel will turn brown, but the interior fruit will remain firm and white!

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