Is there a way I can make my grass use less water?



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    If you need to re-seed your grass, choose a drought resistant variety.  For established grass there are several tips for minimizing water usage.  You can keep your grass at 3 inches to promote water retention.  Water only when your grass needs it, you can tell when you step on it, if it doesn’t spring back it needs some water.  Make sure to water in the morning and give it a good soaking.  Lastly, if you can, try to use water runoff for watering, but if you live in a high mosquito area make sure you don’t end up breeding these pests.  For more tips on saving water around the house, see the citation below.

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    There is a new grass seed on the market, called Pearl’s Premium that has very deep roots and requires almost no watering. It also grows very slowly so it only needs to be mowed about once every month.

    You can save water with your existing lawn by installing a rain barrell to collect excess rain water or setting up a system of soaker hoses (hoses with a series of holes that allow water to bubble out slowly.

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