Is there a way I can make my fan more efficient?



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    If you’re using a fan to cool your house, then you’re already much more energy efficient than you would be if you were using an air conditioner.  However, if you want to improve it from there, you might want to consider getting an Energy Star fan.  These use 50% of the power needed to operate a regular fan.  All of these fans are approved by the EPA for energy efficiency.

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    One way to increase the efficiency of a fan (lower the temperature of a room quicker) is to have it blow over a small pool of cool water. Such “swamp coolers” as they are often called have been in use since the 1900s. Their secret is in harnessing the cooling capacity of evaporation, the same process we use to regulate our own body temperature after sweating. The heat in the air evaporates the water and the fan blows the water vapor throughout the room.

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