Is there a way I can get old bread from grocery stores for free?



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    Many grocery stores and bakeries sell day-old bread at a lesser price, or they may even give it away for free.  Ask your local grocery store and any nearby bakeries if they offer day-old bread at a reduced price.

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    You can probably not get them for free, but they are at very reduced prices. If you are need of extra bread or food, please check with your local food bank or other local agencies that can provide you with food.

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    Yeah, they probably wouldn’t give them away for free.  They definitely sell it WAY cheaper, though, so it’s almost free.  I feel like if anyone’s going to be willing to do that, it might be a bakery or a restaurant.  But I wouldn’t even count on that.

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    Its not glamourous but it works, “dumpster diving” is common in many of my friend circles (especially when I was in college!) I was shocked when I saw what my friends were pulling out of the garbage- perfectly good food! Bread, fruits, vegetables, and other goods (those were the main ones though) Once I went to a potluck that served food all taken out of the trash of grocery and health food stores- the food was fresh and delicious. It may seem a little gross but its just SO wasteful to toss out food that is still good. If you’re going to try this, just be careful, most stores do not take to dumpster diving to kindly. That being said, Trader Joes is a great place to try. 

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