Is there a way for humans to regenerate the ice in the ocean?



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    Probably not directly.  Since the melting of polar ice is caused by the general warming of the Earth, there is no quick solution to regenerating it.  The best we can do is attempt to halt, or even reverse, climate change by reducing our emission of greenhouse gasses, and hope that this eventually lowers the temperature sufficiently to allow ice to regenerate on its own.  Of course, there is always the question of how much control we have over the Earth’s temperature, and of whether or not we’ve reached the point-of-no-return as far as rising temperatures and melting polar ice goes.  It is possible that the depletion of polar ice (and all of its environmental implications) is ultimately something that we will have to work around, rather than against.

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    I agree with what maddie mentioned, we would really have to work on trying to limit the amount of greenhouse gasses that we are putting into the atmosphere. I remember reading awhile ago that one possible solution that a climate scientist proposed was to block out part of the sun. Although this is a rather extreme scenario, it’s scary to think of what might happen if we don’t make positive change to help the climate. The proposed scenario would involve some sort of “ash” like substance to partially block out the sun, but of course this comes with many risks. 

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