Is there a way for humans to condition themselves to see at night?



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    Vitamin E supplements increase the amount of light that you can see at night.  Beta Keratine also aids in vision.  When practicing night vision be sure not to expose your eyes to light for at least 20 minutes.  Walking through the woods is a great way to do this.  You should see an improvement after these 20 minutes as your pupils will fully dilate.  Practicing frequently may improve your ability to discern shapes and movement in darkness, though it will not likely improve your night vision capabilities.

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    This would also explain why light hurts your eyes after being in the dark for so long. I notice this when waking up while it’s still dark outside, or coming out of a movie. Your eyes have “conditioned” themselves to adapt to the dark environment. Any abrupt change of light catches your eyes off guard, hence the increased sensitivity. This is about as far as your eyes will go in terms of being conditioned for the light or dark. 

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