Is there a way for homes to share appliances?



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    For many appliances, no, but for some, yes!  Tool-lending libraries exist around the country, so if you need a wallpaper steamer or a wet-dry vac, you may be in luck.  Check and see if there is one near you.  If you’re talking about household appliances, you can try the free section on Craigslist or FreeCycle, but those are typically for giving things away, not for sharing.  Many people live in cooperative houses so that they can get the most use out of common property.

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    Well it really depends on the style of living, apartments will often share washers and dryers, many college dorms are set up so a number of people share access to a single kitchen and it’s appliances (stove, dishwasher, fridge). I don’t think there’s a lot of sharing that can easily be done living in the stereotypical suburban house through.

    I do know two couples who went in on a big freezer together. But that’s a special case (they also buy shares in animals from a local meat locker).

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