Is there a way to have agriculture have less of an impact on the environment?



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    Organic farming aims at being a sustainable and earth-friendly method of growing food. Without the use of fertilizers, which have caused a dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, and pesticides, which can have unintended victims. Organic farming also works to maintain soil fertility. All of these things are in contrast to conventional farming, which depletes soils and releases pollution into the environment.

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    Proper education of efficient farming methods would also help. Increasing knowledge on things like conservation tillage for soil, creathing comprehensive nutrient management plans, managing pesticides properly, and setting up more effectiv irrigation systems are all steps in the right direction.

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    Another helpful thing is to have local farming.  If you ever go to a grocery store you may notice that your food comes from all over the globe.  Transportation of this food to your store uses a lot of energy.  By eating locally you save tons of oil, gas, and energy 

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    It’s a fairly new idea but bigger cities can start adopting Vertical Farming.  That way, we won’t have to depend on the big open fields to grow crops and therefore saving money and helping the environment by decreasing the need for transporting crops across the country/world.

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