Is there a way to get rid of a beehive without killing the bees?



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    The question probably does not relate to commercial beehives, which are moved safely often enough? See the first URL.

    For wild bees, it can be a much more difficult situation, depending on where they are lodged. Read the third message in the second URL, below. The writer gives a couple examples that involve … deconstructing a barn … and cutting into a tree. Their conclusion is that unless you are sure you have the queen bee, and that she is unharmed, the writer is sorry, but it’s probably not worth the effort. (The queen bee is important because other bees will go where she is, and also she’s essential to the hive reproducing.)

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      Oh, and I meant to add: Even if you’ve got the queen, and you’ve relocated the bees, they may decide not to stay put. If they swarm, they’re probably looking for a new home. And, of course, the place they lived before is a perfectly fine place to go back to.

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