Is there a way to get my hair to grow faster?



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    Some tactics include getting enough sleep, participating in activities that reduce stress (such as yoga), beefing up on B Vitamins and amino acids, scalp messages, and generally making sure your hair is healthy.  Over-dying it is not condusive to hair growth, as it tends to damage it.  Exercising is a good idea because it increases your energy and bloodflow, which also stimulates hair growth.  Of course, all of these things are good to do anyway, and will not only make your hair look great, but your skin as well, and will make you more energetic.  Take a look at the link attached for more ideas.

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    When I was growing out my hair from a really bad unexpected short haircut, I found Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum worked really well and kept it soft and strong. I would recommend putting it on before you go to bed and letting it sit in your hair overnight so you can wash it out in the morning. I blowdried and flatironed all the time and this stuff really helped keep my hair really strong and healthy as it was growing out, which is key if you want more length in a shorter time frame.

    You can buy it at CVS online or at the store. At the store, you will find it in the shelves where the hair spray and hair therapy stuff is at.

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    Occasionally giving your hair a trim may help with the growth process. Cutting your hair takes away the dead ends and keeps your hair healthy, and healthy hair usually grows faster. Even an inch or so ever now and then can help the growing process. 

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    The idea that cutting hair makes it grow faster is a myth.

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    I know the stimulating the scalp can really help the hair grow faster. One easy way to do this is when you are in the shower and shampooing your hair. Making sure to cover all surfaces of the scalp, massage slowly while you lather your hair. It will only take a few moments and it has really helped with the growth of my hair.

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    I’ve heard that consuming gelatin (like jello) can help hair growth–however, this is widely debated and unsubstantiated. Cod liver oil contains many vitamins that are conducive to hair growth.

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    Take Biotin! Works like a charm.

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    You can make hair grow faster. And by this I mean you can get your hair to grow at an optimal rate. Making use of herbal hair oils is a good way to induce faster hair growth. The herbal hair growth oil often contains herbs that have been shown in numerous studies to grow hair faster and even stop hair loss. Herbs like aloe Vera, eclipta Alba and Asia sari radix which can stimulate hair growth and stop hair loss. Use these herbal hair growth oils and you can make hair grow faster. A good herbal hair oil that has these herbs is Mira hair oil. I have cited the link below

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