Is there a way to get all the endangered animals together and just let them have a whole continent to themselves, like Africa?



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    If there was a way to accomplish this, it would be very fantastic, like an Animal Utopia.  However, logistically and through what can seem to be the curse of nature, this is not possible for many reasons.  First of all, different endangered animals require different climates and environments.  The animals have different needs, and live at their geographic locations to meet their own needs.  Certainly, some species could survive in other areas, and some species are hardier than others, but some have adapted to a very specific environment.  Also, many oceanic species are endangered, and could not be contained on a continent.  Capturing and transporting the animals would be impossible as well. 

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    Not all endangered animals can survive in any one place. Worldwide efforts to preserve indigenous habitats in marshlands, rainforests, woodlands, and bodies of water are more logical because it is the best guarantee that the endangered species will prosper and recover.

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