Is there a way to filter the air pollution out of the air in a house?



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    There are several different kinds of air cleaners that can be used in the home to keep the air clean. It just depends on what your needs are.

    Air filters clean the particles from the air, but they are inefficient in terms of larger particles which settle before the air filter can clean them from the air.

    Gas phase filters clean gases from the air, but these are less likely to be used in homes and the overall lifetime of the filter can be short.

    UVGIs, which use ultra violet radiation to remove biologicals from the air, but bacteria and mold tend to be resistant to UVGI filters. Bacteria and mold require more light and longer exposure time in order to be killed.

    PCOs use UV and a catalyst that reacts to the light to clean gases from the air, however these are currently not used in homes because they are ineffective on indoor gases.

    Ozone generators get rid of particles, gases and biologicals from the air, but they are not the safest when it comes to pollutants in the air and they produce the lung irritant, ozone.

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