Is there a way to extend the battery life of my computer or cell phone?



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    One key way to extend the battery life of both computer and cell phone is to quit applications which you aren’t currently using. Even after the box which displays an application is closed, the application itself may still be running. These unused but still running processes can significantly reduce the battery life of your electronic device.

    When it comes to your computer, dim the screen, defrag regularly and throw your computer into hibernate mode when not being used (this saves more power than standby mode).

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    I find that when I watch movies or play games on my laptop, the battery life quickly drains if it isn’t plugged into an outlet. Like djstam mentioned, don’t run unnecessary applications if you don’t need to, and it’s important to dim the screen. You should also make sure your laptop battery is healthy and running optimally. 

    For your cell phone battery, make sure that you have certain settings activated to dim the screen when not in use. When I have low battery life, I usually turn off my ring tone. These are just a few tips that could help. 

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    For cell phones, you want to dim the brightness of the screen, decrease your video and media usage, and never keep your phone on vibrate-all of these things are huge drains on the life of your battery.

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