Is there a way to cure asthma?



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    Currently, there is no known cure for asthma.  However, there are several ways to treat and alleviate its symptoms.  See the links below for more information.

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    Electro-Accupuncture to remove allergy symptoms

    I’ve had 46 allergies permanently removed the cost of which I’ve saved in reduced OTC use over the last 3 years

    Just google ‘electro-accupuncture’ to find details & practitioners & BTW I am NOT a practitioner or in anyway affiliated to one I am simply a delighted recipient who wishes I’d known about it decades ago!

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    I was a smoker for 13 years and had mild asthma throughout. My asthma was “cured” when I quit smoking. I haven’t used my rescue inhaler once since I quit two years ago.

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    Try eating only raw food; it is truly amazing how many health prolems can be resolved: Since going raw, I have lost 22 Kilograms, do no longer catch colds or flus. I eat a lot of bananas and other fruits and I make (large) salads. I now weigh 72 kilograms which is the right weight for a man of my hight and am able to sprint the way that I could when I was younger, (I am now in my 44th year). Interestingly I don’t get sore after running, skiing or racing the way that I used to because there isn’t any acid in that which I eat: Coffee and meat are very acidic. Even if adopting a raw food diet dosn’t affect your assma, there are a lot of good reasons for adopting a raw diet. There is a lot of research supporting the idea that our human ancestors ate raw food as they lived in tropical forest. I believe that we are to a large degree naked monkeys and I prefer tropical fruit. There is a very good book written by Dr. Douglas N. Graham entitled ‘The 80/10 Diet’. He points out that heating food over 40 degrees celcius causes the food to become toxic.

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