Is there a way for creationism and science to work together?



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    I think so.  It’s quite possible to view science as the set of rules God created to run the world.  At the same time I don’t believe creationism can proved by science.  Science is such a big field, just because someone believes in creationism, doesn’t mean they’re going to dismiss the scientific method and everything science studies.  Some people also believe a combination of creationism and evolution:  that God created the world and it’s been evolving since, or some creatures have evolved and others haven’t.  They may not believe that people evolved from one celled organisms but they still believe some evolution has taken place within species, genuses, or families.  Christian scientists who do believe in creationism do exist.  I attended a Christian university where several of them served as staff and conducted valid scientific research.

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    Not really.  While it may be possible for Creationism and the Theory of Evolution to coexist, they are fundamentally opposed to each other, and thus can not both be simultaneously accepted.  Since the Theory of Evolution is much more widely accepted among modern scientists, there is really no way for creationism to be utilized in mainstream scientific progress.

    Though historically, creationist theories were accepted as truth, and were effectively incorporated into scientific research, advances in science have since rendered creationism scientifically obsolete, meaning that operating under creationist assumptions no longer renders relevant and accurate scientific theories.  Just as scientific progress eventually forced humans to reject the notion that the Earth was the center of the universe, so has it forced us to reject creationism; and unless future evidence leads us to a new understanding of the world into which evolution no longer fits, the Theory of Evolution is likely to continue to dominate as the accepted theory of the origin of species.

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    Absolutely! I am Catholic, and when I was going through the process of confirmation, I was taught to read the Bible like a love song rather than a textbook. Starting with Genesis, seven days to God need not represent seven rotations of the earth. The Bible is the story of how much God loves us, and trying to put Him in a box by saying that His days are the same as our days is an insult to Him. One of the awesome things about God is that He loves us so much that he gave us the gift of intelligence so that we can learn more about how He created our world.

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