Is there a way to create more biodiversity if the species are gone now?



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    Natural biodiversity is a unique and elegant system – ecosystems that have been impacted by the loss of a key species will regain balance, but are best left with little disturbance and eventually they will find equilibrium; hopefully. The generation of biodiversity that has been lost through man’s action will take time, and is best left to natural processes.

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    scott is absolutely correct – the solution to an ecosystem’s natural biodiversity is not to reintroduce species that human activity has made absent from it.

    For animals, those that have become extinct will of course not be brought back.

    For plants, there are major projects that seek to protect genetic samples of plants in order to repopulate in the case that they become extinct (such as the Millennium Seed Bank; see link below). These banks aim to protect biodiversity by maintaining the DNA of known plants.

    Still, the answer to the question remains the same: biodiversity will be better fostered and maintained by nature than by humans.

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