Is there a way to concentrate the sunlight and make it produce more solar energy?



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    This is indeed possible, and a variety of technologies have been developed to concentrate the sun’s energy and use it to produce electricity more effectively.  Most of these methods rely on mirror’s to concentrate the sun’s light on a single place.  However, solar concentration technologies are not usually used for photovoltaic cells (which produce electricity from light) but rather for systems that generate energy from the sun’s heat.  In many cases, the concentrated heat of the sun is used to vaporize water into steam that is then used to turn a turbine, and thus generate electricity.

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    There is a way.  Scientists have developed organic solar concentrators that absorb only the shorter wave lengths of light, ignoring the longer ones.  The longer wavelengths pass through these solar concentrators to be absorbed by the normal silicon layer of solar panel.  The solar spectrum is shifted to a point where it is more easily absorbed by the photovoltaic cells.  This is thought to increase the efficiency of Solar Panels by about 20-30%.

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