Is there a way to clean the air in my house naturally?



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    Sure, you can light candles and have indoor houseplants. Turning the stove-top fan on for a few minutes is also a good way to circulate stagnant air. 

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    The best way to naturally clean the air in your house is actually to use plants.  This will not only make the air that you breather healthier, it will probably make your house look nicer.  Plants naturally filter air of chemicals while also removing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen.  Plants also are natural humidifiers that emit less moisture when humidity is high and more when it is low, keeping an ideal balance of 40-60%.  You can find other products that clean your air and work as a humidifier, but why use them when you can naturally do it using plants?

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    Consider bringing in a few plants. They can take in various impurities and breathe out pure oygen. Some species for you to consider: bamboo palm, marginata, aloe vera, Boston fern, Janet Craig dracanea, English Ivy, Australian sword fern, peace lily, rubber plant, and weeping fig

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    Using candles may make the air smell cleaner, but can also contribute to indoor air pollution. Paraffin candles are made from petroleum and release chemicals into the air as they are burned. Soy and beeswax candles are much cleaner alternatives.

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