Is there a way for Casinos to make their own electricity?



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    Certainly. Solar, wind, wave, tide, geothermal energy may all be choices depending on location, while fossil-fuel and biofuel burning generators can be placed pretty much anywhere. There might be zoning (land use) regulations prohibiting some of those sources, of course.

      For example, Las Vegas is the perfect place for solar power, as it is in the area of United States that gets the highest insolation (solar energy). In addition, solar power would be the easiest to implement by installing the panels on compatible roofs.

    Atlantic City and Chicago area, which are the second and third largest casino markets in the US, as well as any other locations near the shore (and in Midwest plains), could make good use of wind power. Offshore wind energy is particularly attractive, but that will likely be too big of an investment as a wind farm could power much more than a casino.


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