Is there a way to blow dry my hair in an eco friendly way?



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    The method of hair-drying that uses the least energy is, of course, air- or towel-drying. If you are able to get your hair at least partly dry with a towel before using the blow-dryer, it will take less time and use less electricity. If you find you can put the dryer on a lower wattage and still be done in about the same amount of time, thet will certainly be an energy-saver as well.

    There are many blow-dryers on the market that use energy more efficiently than the traditional electrical coil, so they’re good for the environment and your budget. Among them are: the Barbar Ceramic ECO 8000, the Andis Eco Hair Dryer 80605, and the Conair 250 Eco Ionic 1400 Watt Dryer (my favorite because it’s cheap).

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