Is there a way to attract bees to your house?



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    Absolutely!  Bees are attracted to nectar and pollen, and growing certain plants in your garden will attract more of them.  In addition, try to grow native flowers of a variety of colors, don’t use pesticides, and plant flowers in large clumps.  Bees also prefer sunny areas to shaded areas.

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    Honey bees have favorite flowers, but trees are great contributors too, as well as many indigenous weeds.  Dandelions are a favorite. White and yellow clovers. They love lavendar and anise and thyme, oregano, and cat mint. Golden rod is a great late bloomer when most nectar has dried up. Try to plant nectar- and pollen-bearing plants that cross all seasons, especially when dearth is common to your area. And of course, keeping a garden helps too! Keep water easily accessible, bees use a lot of it. Finally, lemon grass scent is frequently used as a swarm lure scent. Get a hive and put some in it!! 🙂

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