Is there a type of motor oil that is worse for the environment?



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    Wow, I was going to say that all oils are somewhat bad for the environment, but I might have to take that back. Regular motor oil comes from the same stuff that gasoline does—petroleum ore—and they make different fuels by burning the stuff off at different temperatures—and this is clearly bad for the environment to do (as much as we do) so all oils come from the earth and there is only so much and it is hard and costly to health to get to, refine, and use safely, right? Wrong.

    There is this stuff called G-oil which is a substitute for motor oil that is made from the, get this: Cow fat. Ewww. Gross, but we might as well use the stuff right; instead of letting it go to waste. Check it out if you don’t believe me, but there actually is a type of working motor oil that claims to be environmentally friendly (and the practice appears so at first if you don’t considert the fact that you have to raise and feed and kill all those poor cows to make the stuff… but I guess if we’re going to be doing it anyway for the time being—I dont think McDonald’s and Wendy’s are going to get green on their burger patties any time soon [they’d have to call it the 3-dollar menu!]—you might as well use the stuff and not let it go to waste). Here’s the freakin’ quote:

    “G-Oil, made by Green Earth Technologies, is made by converting tallow — that’s saturated cow fat to you and me — into a high-value unsaturated oil, which is less likely to clog up engine parts. (Tallow was used historically to make products such as candles and soap, and was sometimes used in cooking.) The resulting motor oil, according to the label, can be used in naturally-aspirated engines, as well as turbocharged and super-charged diesel and gasoline engines. In addition, the packaging is 100 percent recyclable, and the labels are printed on biodegradable paper with soy ink.” —-wow, that’s amazing

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