Is there a type of lighting that is bad for your eyes?



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    Yes, sunlighting.  Or actually any lighting that emits ultra-violet radiation, such as UVB lamps and car headlights.  Direct exposure to UVB radiation can cause an eye condition known as photokeretitis, also known as ‘welder’s flash’, ‘snow blindness’ or ‘eclipse blindness.’  Symptoms include the perception of dimness and a blind spot in the field of vision.

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    All lightbulbs emit some level of UV radiation, which can damage the cells in our eyes. For this reason, it probably isn’t the greatest idea to look directly at lights, especially ones that emit high amounts of UV, such as black lights or flourescent bulbs. The UV emitted by these types of lights has been shown to be on par with sun exposure, which means you shouldn’t keep flourescent or black lights super close to your body, either, because they can damage your skin. For better protection, buy encapsulated flourescent bulbs, or use them in a lamp, or something, so that there is a shield between you and the bulb.

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