Is there a time of year that isn’t humid in New Orleans?



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    That depends of what you define as humid. New Orleans has an average annual relative humidity of 87% in the A.M. and 65% in the P.M. Across the country this is relatively high on the scale, but it all depends on what you are used to. For example Tucson, Arizona has an average of 52% (A.M.) and 25% (P.M.) while Eugene, Oregon is 91% and 60% respectively. As far as average monthly humidity goes, in New Orleans there is not a whole lot of diversity. The summer months (June through August) have the highest averages at 91% A.M. and 67% P.M. while winter is usually less. February has the least with an 84% and 65% spread and December is a close second with 85% and 67%. While it would not be accurate to say that these months are not humid, they are somewhat less than the other months of the year.

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