Is there such a thing as an eco-friendly wedding ring?



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    Absolutely. Environmentally friendly wedding rings can be made from reclaimed metals (gold, platnum, silver) and either man-made or conflict free diamonds. Wooden rings are also popular for green weddings. I researched this topic recently and found the most beautiful rings on

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    Many people have heard of “blood” or conflict diamonds which are mined often by forced labor. Gold mining, too, generates tons of mining waste each year and is damaging to the environment. Because there are so many beautiful rings already made from these materials, one way to be “green” with an engagement ring is to purchase one from an antique store or estates sale. The idea of a used ring might not sound romantic, but you can find all sorts of beautiful, unique styles and know that by reusing them you’ve done a good thing for the planet.

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    Manufacturing jewelry such as wedding bands from non-recycled metal can produce more toxic waste than we can imagine. If you don’t feel like going vintage, there is such a thing as eco-friendly jewelry. These jewelries are made out of recycled precious metal or has been acquired from artisanal miners in developing countries.Artisan Wedding Rings sell them.

    “In our studio, to create our eco friendly jewelry, we have state of the art ventilation systems on all our soldering stations, each individually controlled by our jewelers in order to conserve energy. We also have many safety features in place. We use non-harmful chemicals and solders as much as we can in the day-to-day manufacturing of our jewelry. We dehydrate and filter our waste fluids from our fabrication processes.

    All other materials used in packaging are also recyclable.

    A list of other manufacturers of eco-friendly wedding bands can be found in the second link.

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    Yes. There are rings made from recycled gold, platinum, etc that are more eco friendly. If you’d be into wood, there are wooden wedding rings available at Gold mining results in large quantities of mine waste, so anything recycled, bought used, or made from other products would be an eco-friendly choice.

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    Here is a list of sites that sell eco-friendly (wedding) rings – ranging from the usage of alternatives to diamonds to conflict-free diamonds:

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    Yes. Most eco-friendly wedding rings are made from recycled materials, however, keep in mind that this is not enough. You should check out where they source these materials and the labor environment. Check out Brilliant Earth for wedding or anniversary rings. Not only are they eco-friendly but they are quite elegant in style. My favorite is the Platinum Petite Shared Prong Diamond Ring. Hope that helped.

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