Is there such a thing as 100% sustainable?



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    There are a few products being marketed as 100% sustainable, such as paper packaging and coffee. There’s even an island that claims to be 100% sustainable!

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    There is a town that have created 100% sustainable energy. Rock Port, Missouri gets 100% of its electricity from wind power and has been since April 2008. 

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    Varese Ligure, Italy was the first in Europe to produce 100% of it’s power from renewable energies. The town of 2,400 people use wind, solar, and hydropower and the new use of these energy sources has created about 140 new jobs.

    There are many other towns that are using sustainable energy to help the environment and cut down on energy costs. 

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    I do not think anything is 100% sustainable, contrary to the opinions above. This is because the energy used to create these sources had to have come from somewhere. No matter what product is built, wind, solar, etc., the energy must have come from a non-sustainable source, even if it was generations before (like coal was used to build solar, solar used to build wind, etc.).

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    It depends on the scale, also. Technically, the sun isn’t sustainable, it only has ~5 billion years left to go. However, for sustainability in the millions of years we can look at nature. Every waste product is another thing’s useful material. Elements are cycled and recycled indefinitely with pretty much no waste. It’s the goal of environmentalists to be as sustainable as nature.

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