Is there substantial scientific evidence to suggest that overpopulation is a real threat?



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    Several studies have been done by scientists as well as the United Nations that estimate the world population is likely to increase to 9 billion in the years to come. That equates to an extra 200,000 people a day. When you think about the fact that clean drinking water, land resources and food are already an everyday struggle for the majority of the people on the planet (mostly in the third world) then these extra people are putting further strain in an already strained world. However, it seems that talk of family planning and overpopulation have fallen out of favor in recent years and therefore it is not being discussed as widely as situations such as climate change and what can be done about it scientifically, even though humans are the main cause of global warming.

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    In some countries yes(india china etc) when you think about it many naturel resources are disapering so its not so much the fact that there are too many humans its the fact that were using too much of the earth

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