Is there a store that exclusively sells green gifts?



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    Yes.  In fact, there are many!  You can find many green gifts on websites online.  See below for a database of eco-friendly stores and businesses.

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    There are a lot of stores selling only green products and gifts. It depends mainly on where you live, but consult your local yellow pages for ads. For online shopping the best thing to do is consult a green gift guide like the one I’ve attached below. It gives you links to dozens of stores that sell green products and even narrows the search by category. 

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    There are many environmental-specialty gift shops around the country and online. However, the different items in the stores may be “green” in different ways. They may give some of their profits to a green initiative, they may make the products from organic materials (which in itself could mean many things), or they might just be environment-themed. The best way to find out that one shop means by green is to ask the management, and carefully read product labels.

    To find a green gift store near you, my advice would be to type your address in to Google Maps and Search Nearby for keywords like “green gifts” or “eco-friendly gifts.” The links below are a few examples of such stores, some of which sell products online. If you happen to be near Berkeley, California, Treehouse Green Gifts is particularly impressive in that it offers eco-friendly wrapping paper and a box recycling program.

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