Is there still a lot of asbestos in American homes?



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    Asbestos continues to be mined in over 10 countries world wide and is still used in construction projects in the USA, as Asbestos Cement pipes (typically larger construction projects).  It would be very rare to see asbestos used in new home construction, however it is not illegal in the US.  Older homes could have large quantities of asbestos in them still if they have not been renovated or had the asbestos specifically removed.  Exact figures are tough to come by about the amount of asbestos in American homes because it is not usually reported to any agency and does not have to be made public, because it is not illegal.

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    yes in older ones and it’s usually best to leave it alone becaue trying to remove it frees small particles that could be breathed in and cause damage to your lungs.

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