Is there still on on-going debate about science and technology being able to save us from global warming, as in, do people still think there is no need to limit emissions for this reason?



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    The amount of carbon we emit is still hotly debated in the United States and worldwide. Solutions are being made to lessen carbon emissions as well as mitigate those effects and there are many different viewpoints. There are still people, and important people, who deny that climate change is occurring, which makes negotiation very difficult. Science and technology can do things to lessen the effect of our carbon footprints, but it can also make it worse. Many developing countries need to burn fossil fuels to industrialize while many rich countries have infrastructures that are very dependent on fuels. It’s a hotly debated issue and it’ll be interesting to see if the fix is carbon offsetting or a technological fix to lessen the effects of our pollution.

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