Is there somewhere visitors can report concerns about conditions in a zoo?



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    For unhealthy animal conditions in an American zoo, you can talk to PETA; they havea program called “Zoo Insiders” for just such problems. Some of their methods are considered extreme, but they will undoubtedly speak up for an animal in danger. There is an online form to fill out and a number to call: check out the bottom of the page in the first link below for details.

    They ask you to report anything that may be detrimental to the animals or the surrounding wildlife, including inadequate living conditions, mysterious death, chance of escape, interactions with private collectors, improper splitting of mated pairs, untrained staff, or strange behavior in the animals. You can also ask the zoo about the problem and what they can do to fix it. If this has no effect and you are certain there is a problem, contact your local news station or a newspaper reporter; someone would probably be interested in doing an invastigation.

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    If you have something important to report in a Canadian zoo, you can visit and contact Zoo Check Canada. As the name implies, they keep an eye on zoos in Canada and work in tandem with PETA on many cases. They recently won a case against the Edmonton Zoo when they uncovered unsafe conditions for their elephant, Lucy. Check out the link for more.

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