Is there an employment sector that has done well during the recession?



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    Yes, there is an employment sector that has done well during the recession. The medical marijuana business in California has become a cash cow. Marijuana is California’s largest cash crop and with a number of voter initiatives trying to get on the ballot in 2010, legalization seems a likely possibility in the next year. Since the passage of Proposition 215 in 1996, sick individuals have been able to get a doctor’s recommendations for medical marijuana and can go to a local ‘dispensary’ or collective and legally purchase marijuana for medicinal purposed. The sky has not fallen and marijuana has actually become a contributing sector to California’s economy. It’s estimated that marijuana legalization could bring in $1.2 billion to the cash strapped state. There are now 14 states with medical marijuana laws and only a couple of states that allow the opening of dispensaries. Marijuana is becoming a big, legitimate business.

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