Is there a safe way to harvest wild honey?



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    What do you mean by “Safe”? Avoiding being stung? Wear protective gear. Or do you mean avoiding harming the bees? short of not doing it, you could follow accepted honey harvesting procedures.

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    Harvesting your own honey is a great step to make some impact on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Honeybees have been disappearing from our agriculture at a rapid pace and scientists and the honeybee farmers are perplexed to what is causing this phenomenon.  Some speculation has been given to their poor diet. In order to produce as much honey as possible honeybee farmers give their bees’ high fructose corn syrup as an alternative to the honey they would normally eat. If we give back what we take so much from the bees, their honey, then perhaps we will see a decrease in the rates of CCD. To safely harvest honey you can follow any one of these instructional videos.

    You can also check out this great documentary about the collapse of the honeybee colonies:

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    I would dissuade anyone from harvesting wild honey because the hives are fragile and you may cause the bees to feel threatened. (You’d probably get stung multiple times as well, if you didn’t have a proper bee suit). If you’re interested in harvesting honey, you should consider raising bees–they are actually fairly low maintenance and harvesting honey from a super is much easier. 

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    By using protectve wears and the smoker, you can harvest the wild honey without your being stung or harming the bees. However, you still need some basic skills on how to do that. Bees can get cross if you do not approach them gently. When they sting, they are no longer saved.

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