Is there rules on disposal of CIGARETTE BUTT (Filter)

I have traveled a lot in Asia and especially in the beaches area…. (Particularly Thailand, Vietnam,) I am disgusted to see floating cigarette butts in the water…(filter)…and Partly the tourist is to blame.. Smokers are very Irresponsible… They are ruining the natural beauty of our OCEAN…. Im sorry… I feel puking every time I see it….



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    The first thing people need to realize is that cigarette butts are not biodegradable — the plastic filters can take many, many, many years to decompose. When a cigarette butt is casually tossed onto the street, wind and rain can carry the cigarette into the water supply, where its toxic chemicals may leak out into aquatic ecosystems. So, while there isn’t a “Please don’t litter” message slapped specifically on cigarette packs in the U.S, you should always encourage others to dispose them in a proper dispenser. (Any kind of littering, by the way, IS against the law)

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      Thanks for the response…. i did cut and paste once again the link you sent… I strongly dislike smoking… but I do respect people who smoke… BUT i hope they respect our mother EARTH they are comfortably living and enjoying… Not Just our OCEAN but our WHOLE MOTHER EARTH….. Thanks Again…


      “[Cigarette butts] also present a threat to wildlife. Cigarette filters have been found in the stomachs of fish, birds, whales and other marine creatures who mistake them for food … Composed of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic, cigarette butts can persist in the environment as long as other forms of plastic.”
      –Clean Virginia Waterways

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    Try it in Singapore: their $1000 fine is not just for big-time dumping, but for almost any littering.

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