Is there a rub-on chemical for causing the hands to become warm? Where obtainable?



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    I’ve never heard of a loose chemical to rub on the hands directly. Rather, there are many chemical hand-warming products with a chemical that is inside a bag. You basically squeeze the bag to activate the chemical’s heating affects. You are likely to find them at recreation and sports stores such as REI or Big 5. 

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      Thanks, but I still want to see whether or not anyone knows of a rub-on that makes the hands or feet–the extremities–warmer. I believe that I have seen info about such a product or products.

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    I think you might be talking about hand warmers. Hand warmers contain iron, salt, carbon, and water to cause the oxidation of iron. When iron is oxidizes, it gives off heat. You can find hand warmers and Toasti-Toes for your feet in CVS, Target, or sporting stores like REI and Dick’s.

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    Bengay is a warming lotion that is used to treat things like sore muscles and arthritis. There are also products such as warming massage oils that heat up as you rub, but are probably too greasy for warming purpose. Either can be found in a drug store or large grocery store. 

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