Is there room for Sustainability in education?

In today’s education system and for all the state standards involved, is there room for involving curriculum specifically aimed at the concepts of Sustainability and social responsibility to the environment?



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    I feel that there is room for sustainability in education. There are plenty of sustainability curriculums in higher education facilities. There are also schools for younger children that are very strictly based on environmental sciences which most definitely includes sustainability. Sustainability can be brought into almost every area of study. Sustainability just means to reduce the impact and sustain its life span. This can be taught through any science class.

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    I definitely think so. Environmental science classes at the high school level certainly bring up the issue of sustainability in their curriculum. I know this because an environmental science class I took in high school was what got me interested in the environment to begin with. Surely, it could be taught to students on or around Earth Day at the very least.

    Still, I don’t think any curriculum based around sustainability can expect to be adopted by a majority of students if the school itself does not have plans in place to promote it. What I mean is that the school should be growing a garden, placing recycling bins in prominent locations, composting uneaten cafeteria food, etc., in order to set an example for students to follow.

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    Speaking as a current English middle school teacher in New York City, the current trends in education is towards interdisciplinary studies and curriculums that have students think about big ideas that are relative to their lives and to learn using hands on experiences. Therefore, even with the push towards standardized testing and data, there is definitely room for sustainability and social responsibility in the classroom. In fact, what you will see in urban areas such as New York City are entire schools with themes such as sustanability, social responsibility, and civic responsibility.


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    There is a model for just this kind of education in Seattle’s Bertschi Elementary School; it is the first of its kind and will, hopefully, serve as a shining example for future such programs and educational cirriculua. It has been given the “Living Building” status–which is the highest level of sustainability in commercial building. From recycled construction materials, to composting toilets, to organic urban gardens, to net-zero energy and water usage–this school is a premiere example of environmental design in action. The kids are active participants in the program and have classes/activities around principles of sustainability. To see a transcript of KUOW’s piece on the school go to:

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