Is there a religion that is dedicated mostly to gays and lesbians?



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    There are several branches of the Wicca that are very pro-GLBT. For the most part, homosexuality in Wiccan and Pagan faiths are a non-issue. One of the most prominent is the Dianic Wicca, which encourages talk about feminism and gender identity.

    Hatian Voodoo is also rather tolerant of GLBT members, although it is not focused specifically on them.

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    On a more traditional note, Unitarian Universalist congregations are ACCEPTING and INCLUSIVE of the LBGTQ community. They have a long history of supporting LBGTQ issues including the right of same-sex partners to marry; they even perform marriage ceremonies. In fact, “The first ordained minister of any religion in the U.S. or Canada to come out was the Rev. James Stoll in 1969”.

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    I agree, you should look into both the Pagan/Wiccan tradition, and also the Unitarian tradition. In college I volunteered at an Ecuminical Center, the leader of which was a Universalist. I have never met a more kind and tolerant man, not only of the LGTB community, but also of other religions. I also agree with the statement about Pagan/Wiccan focus on feminism and the power of the divine feminine within each person.

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