Is there a reliable vegan vitamin b12?

Many people claim that animal derived b12 is the best, with which I agree but would like to find a vegan alternative. Please tell me your experiences with b12 or what you heard about them. I can do the research online myself, but am looking for personal advice. Thanks



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    As always, natural sources of necessary vitamins are always the best, but there are suitable alternatives for a vegan lifestyle. There’s a brand of nutritional yeast, called Red Star T-6635+ or more commonly Vegetarian Support Formula, that contains active B12, and you can find many recipes that include nutritional yeast here. You can also find B12 in many foods, such as fortified cereal and vitamin B12 fortified meat analogues (foods made from soybeans and gluten) and soy milk.
    As far as supplements go, I used to work at a holistic health spa, and while I never tried the supplement, we had many clients use Nature’s Sunshine “Liquid B12 Complete.” You can find it on Amazon and anywhere else that carries Nature’s Sunshine Products. If you want a more traditional pill form of the B12 supplement, Nature Made carries one too (here), but before taking the supplement make sure to determine the correct daily amount, especially since some B12 supplements are delayed release and only need to be taken once a week.

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