Is there a record of how many people have died from the extreme weather fluctuations that have been caused by global warming?



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    I really don’t think so. First of all, the total number of deaths on a global scale due to weather phenomena is difficult to calculate in the first place: deaths in underdeveloped parts of the world often go unreported. Furthermore, we can’t yet accurately distinguish between “normal” extreme weather and extreme weather that must have been caused by global warming. It has been predicted that global warming may increase the severity of tornadoes, for example — does that mean we should consider every bad tornado a direct result of global warming? To have such a record requires accurate metrics, which, given the breadth of variables involved, are probably not available yet. Maybe in retrospect we will be able make reasonable estimates of how many people have died as a result of extreme weather as influenced by global warming, but it’s too soon to tell. I suspect any current records would be deeply flawed.

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